Stock, Stock, Stock. Yes, yes, yes.
Of course we have every type of bag, box, ribbon, bow, tissue, wrap and supply you'll need in stock for immediate shipment. Our Product Catalog is yours for the asking.


Are you selling after the sale?
Packaging is not a product, it's your image. It leaves an instant impression with your customer and every person your customer passes in his shopping journey. In fact, your message should live on well after the sale, to give you exposure after exposure. Let Packaging Services provide the most potent, low cost advertising you can purchase.

Have some fun!
One of the hottest trends in packaging today is the frosty look. Stylish, strong and cost effective too, the frosty look may be for you. Let us show you how your image can look with a frosty make-over.

We're not talking fast food here. HMR (home meal replacement) is the new wave. If you're involved in fine food carry out, catering, or just need a doggy bag, we can enhance your carefully crafted image with the right bag or box.

Corporate image, tradeshow bags, and event packaging are our forte.
We can manage from 200 totes for your company outing to 100,000 bags for your latest product launch. We can't say it too often - image, image, image. Is yours being carried outside your booth?


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